Hey there, fitDEGREE fam!  

I know you've got a lot going on, so I'll get right to the point. 

At the end of the day, to increase your studio's income, you need more monthly members. And to get more members you need to:

  • Bring a LOT of new people through your doors

  • Have a rock solid plan to sell them on your membership

Unlike most programs that focus on either strategy (like pricing and sales process) or lead generation (ie: paid ads or referral programs), I do both. The combination means that my clients dramatically increase their recurring monthly revenue after just a couple of months of working with me.  

And more good news! I will not only design your new sales funnel and create your Facebook ads, I will train you on how to manage these pieces in-house so you don't get stuck paying me (or someone else) thousands each month to continue to sign-up new members.  

Ready to learn more? Book a free 60-minute strategy session (my gift to fitDEGREE clients!) where we'll chat about what you can expect to add to your bottom line with my coaching support. 




Because my program is built for the studio owner who already has day-to-day studio management on lockdown, we are able to dedicate 100% of our time on bringing in new students and converting them into members. 

And because I know that your time is precious, we won't waste a second of it on busywork.

We'll meet twice each month to map out your itemized to-do list and I'll be available for realtime support or questions anytime you need me. 

What we'll accomplish: 

PHASE 1: Taking Stock & Setting Goals

I will: Create a revenue map for your studio based on your target lead goal that we'll set together

You will: run KPI reports and pull current numbers with my guidance

 Time to complete: several days 

PHASE 2: Building the Foundation

I will: create your new sales funnel (including copy & paste automations), revamp your entire pricing menu and intro offer and audit your website to ensure maximum conversions

You will: implement my recommendations (update your pricing in your software, add your new automations to your marketing platform, make any changes needed to your website)

Time to complete: two weeks 

PHASE 3: Calling in New Clients

I will: create Facebook ads and optimize based on performance

You will: implement my program's database reactivation, referral and community outreach strategies with my guidance and support

Time to complete: six weeks


Through a combination of small group coaching (2x/mo), an easy-to-follow on-demand course and unlimited support via private Facebook group, your questions will never go unanswered. 

While the program is designed to be completed in 8-12 weeks, your investment includes lifetime access to the online course AND a full six months of biweekly small group coaching calls where we'll discuss strategy implementation AND anything else you'd like to discuss re: scaling your studio business. 

This is what I need!

"STRATEGY backed by ACTION! If you need more prospective clients, this strategy is IT! Having Jen's support and eyes on the process makes all the difference. I've tried a few of these strategies in the past, but there's SOLID GOLD in the MULTI-PRONGED approach, CONSISTENCY and FOLLOW-UP. You MUST be ready to do the work yourself or have a team to help with follow-ups. The strategy is real and needs attention. Get ready to GO BIG!!! 

As a 10+ years studio owner, this is what I've been waiting for. I already had the mindset, team, systems and pricing in place. I just needed to know how the heck to get people in the door. Again, this is IT!


Kellie M, owner of Go Yoga Express


Unlike most studio owners, I made my way from the business world and learned the yoga along the way. 

In 2018, I bought my first yoga/fitness studio on a whim (seriously! ask my husband!) and have spent every day since grateful I took the plunge. 

What started as one location has blossomed into a thriving studio group of three (and counting), including two opened during the pandemic.

I firmly believe that:

  • Life is too damn short not to do what you LOVE
  • You do NOT need to forgo a six figure income to do it

All coaches have their "competitive advantage." Mine is my unique combo of successful studio owner experience along with 15+ years in marketing (including a lot of consulting for small businesses.)

I know how to target your ideal client, get them in the door and sell them on your studio. 

Ready to learn more? 

Book a free strategy session where we'll talk about your goals and what you can expect my coaching program to add to your bottom line. After we chat you'll receive a custom strategy report outlining recommended steps. 

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We will be sending TONS of new students through your doors. Exciting, right??

If you're ready for them, heck yes! However, if you're currently feeling overwhelmed with day-to-day operations or still working on delivering an excellent experience, more new students is not the answer (and, in fact, can add to your stress.) 

Studio owners who do well in my program tend to have the following in common:

-Clients who rave about their classes 

-A database (ie: total contact list) of 1,000+ people

-Time in their (or their support staff's) schedule for 10-ish hours/week of work dedicated to this program over a 2-3 month period

-A willingness to try new things (including new offers, new pricing and new ways of reaching out to students)

If you are looking for some gasoline to put on the fire, this is ABSOLUTELY IT. But this program is not designed to solve foundational issues in your business and I want to be 100% upfront about that. 

If you're reading this and feeling that internal YESSSSS!!!, the next step is to schedule your free strategy session where we'll talk about your unique goals and challenges (and how I can help you get you where you want to be.)

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(take $500 as a fitDEGREE client!)

I have built my pricing intentionally to offer an incredible return on your program investment. I am so confident in my ability to help you bring new students into your studio that I offer a spectacular results guarantee for qualifying studios. 

To begin our work together, you have one payment of $2,450 $1,950 (exclusive fitDEGREE discount) and then your second payment of $2,450 is due at the end of our two months ONLY if we hit your goal number of leads. If we don't meet your goal, I waive your second payment and will work with you 1-on-1 until your goal is met. 

We'll discuss your target lead goal during your free strategy session.




  • Custom lead generation plan based on your studio's goals and offerings to include:
  • Sales funnel, scripts & automations 
  • Full pricing revamp, including your "storefront" intro offer, win-back offers and lead magnets to maximize profitability
  • Done-for-you Facebook Ads (with training so you can continue to edit and optimize)
  • Two 60-minute Zoom strategy sessions each month
  • Two months of unlimited 1-on-1 coaching via Voxer and Facebook Messenger each Mon-Thurs from 9am-4pm 
  • Results guarantee: If after completion of the program you haven't reached your targeted lead goal (set during our strategy session), I will waive your second payment and will continue to work with you for free until we hit it. 
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Yes, Guaranteed

I will only work with studios I believe can easily exceed their program investment. If we work together and you don’t your targeted number of leads after completion of the full program, I will waive your second payment AND work with you until you meet your goal. Talk about risk free! 


Something else on your mind? Shoot me an email at [email protected] or connect with me on Facebook.

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