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We specialize exclusively in working with successful boutique studio owners to reach their ambitious revenue, business growth and lifestyle goals. 

Whether your sights are set on a second (or third or fourth) location, scaling your business through adding a new program or flooding your studio with new members, Studio Scale's coaching and consulting services will help you get there. 

Not only do Jen & Tim have 35+ years of professional marketing experience, they have also successfully grown their studio brand to four locations (with a fifth in the works) and hold numerous sold out teacher trainings and international retreats each year. 

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What does scaling look like for you?

At Studio Scale, we help our clients dramatically increase revenue AND owner free time through amplifying what's already working well and tweaking what's not. 

We take our business owners through three key stages:  

Revenue Growth

Your studio is rocking it: your teachers deliver inspiring classes, your members are thrilled and you're proud of your beautiful space. But you know you could be making more money, even before adding a new program or second location. 

Enter our best-in-class lead generation program: we take a multi-pronged approach to flooding new students through your studio's doors and converting them to autopay clients. 

We'll also examine opportunities to help you maximize your average client spend--before adding anything new to your offerings.  


Systems & Operations

Once we have your studio's membership strategy on lock, it's time for some unsexy (but ultra-important) prep work. 

We'll help you develop the systems and processes that allows the current form of your business to thrive-- without your day-to-day involvement.

Result? You can focus your time and creativity on your business's next step.


Building your Empire

NOW it's time to open that second location, launch your first teacher training or develop a super profitable retreat program.

We'll be there every step of the way so you meet your dream-business goals with less stress than you thought possible.  





I'm Jen Russell

I head up overall strategy here at Studio Scale. Unlike most studio owners, I made my way from the business world and learned the yoga along the way.

In 2018, I bought my first yoga/fitness studio on a whim (seriously! ask my husband!) and have spent every day since grateful I took the plunge.

What started as one location has blossomed into a thriving studio group of four (and counting), including two opened during the pandemic.

I firmly believe that:

~Life is too damn short not to do what you LOVE

~You do NOT need to forgo a six figure income to do it

I have learned a LOT about scaling a successful studio business over the past six years of our expansion and am excited to share all of the do's and don'ts with you.


I'm Tim Tullis

I'm in charge of all things digital marketing around here.

In addition to knocking it out of the park as Jen's little brother, I've spent the past 17 years working in the digital marketing industry with some of the biggest brands in the world (Microsoft, T-Mobile and Nordstrom to name just a few) providing them with everything from strategy and execution to analysis and operations.

I'm excited by helping my clients solve challenges and love using metrics to tweak strategy.

I not only help develop your digital marketing strategy, I also roll up my sleeves to help you successfully implement it. (Ie: I'm your go-to guy anytime you need some troubleshooting support with your emails, automations or digital tools.)

Thank you so much for walking me and my admin team through an amazing last 6 months of growth! A big THANK YOU for teaching us how to run an effective win-back campaign and fine tune a referral program that works for us.
I expect that we will continue to run these campaigns for years to come.

With the boost of a referral week promo in the month of August, this past August saw 90% growth compared to last August! So AMAZING! Year end, my current projections put us at 60-70% growth compared with last year. After well over a decade of being in business, I'm finally getting it to where I want it to be and it was relatively easy to do! 

Martine, owner of Studio Evolve 

Is this for me?

We specialize in helping already profitable studio business owners achieve their revenue & lifestyle goals.

This means you've mastered the day-to-day of small business ownership, desire to spend your time growing your business (as opposed to working IN your business) and are comfortable investing in the support needed to get you to your goals. 

Why Jen & Tim?

First, we know that we're not the right coaches for every studio business owner. We're not into the "hard sell" and if, after chatting, it doesn't feel like an aligned fit, there's absolutely no hard feelings. 

That said, there are a couple of reasons we believe we might be uniquely positioned to help you grow:

We've gotten where you want to go: we see SO many coaches out there offering services on scaling to multiple locations or adding retreats...only to find out they haven't actually done it themselves. Learn from our mistakes: You want someone in your corner who has "been there and done that" and who can save you some serious headaches. 

We have professional experience in 

  means you've mastered the day-to-day of small business ownership, desire to spend your time growing your business (as opposed to working IN your business) and are comfortable investing in the support needed to get you to your goals. 

Studio Scale Mix & Match: SILVER


Get four hours of done-for-you digital marketing (ads, automations, emails...the options are limitless!) or expert mentoring each month.

Want a couple of hours with Tim to build out new automations and a couple with Jen to design your first retreat? We got you! You can also change your support hour "mix" each month depending on your current priorities. 

Includes unlimited support & coaching via Voxer and email with both Tim and Jen.


Studio Scale Mix & Match: GOLD


It's time to move your small business to the next level!

With eight hours of done-for-you digital marketing and/or mentoring, this is the perfect month to month option for studios who want to regularly outsource part of their marketing programming or who have a few big projects they’d like to attack.

Includes unlimited support & coaching via Voxer and email with both Tim and Jen.




Email Marketing 101 for Studio Owners

Learn how to pick compelling subject lines, optimize your deliverability rate, schedule your emails when your clients are likely to open it and lots more in this free 45-minute video.


All About Ads

Should you be running ads for your studio business? If so, what kind? And how do you structure your ad to ensure success?
Let's demystify paid advertising! We'll take a look at both Google and Facebook ads, which to use for your goals and how to evaluate their performance.