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Lead Generation

Our best-in-class lead generation program takes a multi-pronged approach to flooding new students through your studio's doors (get ready for packed classes!) 


Digital Marketing

From creating dialed-in brands to highly effective email automations to SEO, we have multiple decades of marketing experience to get you exactly the results you're looking for. 


High-Touch Mentoring

Ready to open that second location, launch your first teacher training or develop a super profitable retreat program? We'll get you there with less stress than you thought possible.  


 Good news! We can help you take on any/all of the above from just $1295/mo with no minimum commitment. 


I'm Jen Russell

I head up overall strategy here at Studio Scale. Unlike most studio owners, I made my way from the business world and learned the yoga along the way.

In 2018, I bought my first yoga/fitness studio on a whim (seriously! ask my husband!) and have spent every day since grateful I took the plunge.

What started as one location has blossomed into a thriving studio group of three (and counting), including two opened during the pandemic.

I firmly believe that:

~Life is too damn short not to do what you LOVE

~You do NOT need to forgo a six figure income to do it

I have learned a LOT about scaling a successful studio business over the past six years of our expansion and am excited to share all of the do's and don'ts with you.

I'm your Studio Scale go-to when you need high-touch mentoring to reach your next level.  


I'm Tim Tullis

I'm in charge of all things digital marketing around here.

In addition to knocking it out of the park as Jen's little brother, I've spent the past 17 years working in the digital marketing industry with some of the biggest brands in the world (Microsoft, T-Mobile and Nordstrom to name just a few) providing them with everything from strategy and execution to analysis and operations.

I'm excited by helping my clients solve challenges and love using metrics to tweak strategy.

I not only help develop your digital marketing strategy, I also roll up my sleeves to help you successfully implement it. I'm also your go-to guy anytime you need some troubleshooting support with your emails, automations or digital tools.

Thank you so much for walking me and my admin team through an amazing last 6 months of growth! A big THANK YOU for teaching us how to run an effective win-back campaign and fine tune a referral program that works for us.
I expect that we will continue to run these campaigns for years to come.

With the boost of a referral week promo in the month of August, this past August saw 90% growth compared to last August! So AMAZING! Year end, my current projections put us at 60-70% growth compared with last year. After well over a decade of being in business, I'm finally getting it to where I want it to be and it was relatively easy to do! 

Martine, owner of Studio Evolve 

Mix & Match Services

Let's face it: you can't run a profitable (and enjoyable!) small business without expert help. But, if you're like most studio owners, you don't have the budget to hire a multitude of consultants and coaches. 

Meet our creative solution: a month-to-month container of support that allows you to mix and match services based on your current goals.

Some months you might want to knock out a few marketing projects and will use your bundle hours on done-for-you services with Tim. And, other months you might be working on big-picture goals like starting a new teacher training and mentoring with Jen will be most helpful. Plus, if you need both kinds of support in a given month, you can absolutely split your coaching hours! 

You have two tiers of support to choose from or we're happy to build a custom package just for you. To get started, book your free 45 minute strategy session and we'll chat about all of your options.

Studio Scale Mix & Match: SILVER


Get four hours of done-for-you digital marketing (ads, automations, emails...the options are limitless!) or expert mentoring each month.

Want a couple of hours with Tim to build out new automations and a couple with Jen to design your first retreat? We got you! You can also change your support hour "mix" each month depending on your current priorities. 

Includes unlimited support & coaching via Voxer and email with both Tim and Jen.


Studio Scale Mix & Match: GOLD


It's time to move your small business to the next level!

With eight hours of done-for-you digital marketing and/or mentoring, this is the perfect month to month option for studios who want to regularly outsource part of their marketing programming or who have a few big projects they’d like to attack.

Includes unlimited support & coaching via Voxer and email with both Tim and Jen.




Email Marketing 101 for Studio Owners

Learn how to pick compelling subject lines, optimize your deliverability rate, schedule your emails when your clients are likely to open it and lots more in this free 45-minute video.


All About Ads

Should you be running ads for your studio business? If so, what kind? And how do you structure your ad to ensure success?
Let's demystify paid advertising! We'll take a look at both Google and Facebook ads, which to use for your goals and how to evaluate their performance.